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The saying “You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu” summarizes the need for a strong business advocacy program. The current business environment causes the statement to ring especially true. In recent years, the state legislature’s positions and actions have not been favorable toward business. Your Chamber takes your voice to all levels of government. As you scroll down the page, take a look at all the ways we participate in the process.

Candidate Academy
Candidate and Issue Forums
Fix North I-25
Local Government Business Affairs Committee
Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

You have a business to run, and don’t have the time to attend government hearings and meetings to make your voice heard. Our advocacy efforts take your voice to the people making decisions.

We have your back!

Candidates Academy

Every two years, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce collaborates with local government entities to host a Candidates Academy, an event designed to give prospective candidates for local office, and their campaign teams, background information on running for office. Guest speakers provide guidance in public relations and marketing, financing a campaign, and the importance of public service. We also share information on filing deadlines and reporting regulations. Participants attend at no charge. Partners in this collaboration with the Chamber include the City of Greeley, Greeley-Evans School District 6, Aims Community College and the Weld Clerk & Recorder’s Office.

The 2017 Academy took place on April 19, with 16 potential candidates/campaign team members in attendance.  Thank you to Aims Community College for hosting this year’s event.

Candidate and Issues Forums

The Greeley Chamber of Commerce hosts Candidate Forums for many local and regional elections. These forums give Chamber investors and the community-at-large the opportunity to hear from candidates on issues that affect the business community. Likewise, ballot issues that are likely to have an impact on the community’s economic vitality are highlighted at presentations scheduled by the Chamber.

The Chamber hosts a Candidate and Issue Open House and Mayoral Debate on Wednesday, October 11.  You will have the opportunity to meet Greeley City Council candidates, learn about this year’s ballot issues and hear a debate between our two candidates for mayor. 

The Greeley Chamber of Commerce may take a position on ballot issues, but does not endorse candidates in any political race.


Fix North I25

I25 is the backbone of commerce, recreation, and transportation in northern Colorado. The highway has rapidly changed from Northern Colorado’s Main Street to Northern Colorado’s Parking Lot, operating at a traffic engineering level of service D. Without action, to will deteriorate to E in 10 years and F by 2035. Imagine a three-hour travel time to Denver!

The price tag for widening North I25 is more than $1 billion. Unless we speak up, that level of funding won’t be available until 2075. During the 2016 State Legislative Session, a bill was proposed to create some of the necessary funding. Unfortunately, that bill died; however, the state budget did identify an additional $150 million for transportation funding.

The North I25 Business Alliance empowers businesses and the public to get involved and make the expansion of North I25 a reality by 2025. This effort will require legislative action and increased federal funding for the interstate. You can become a player in future actions by taking the pledge to keep northern Colorado moving.

The statewide coalition formed to address Colorado’s transportation needs, Fix Colorado Roads, also requires support from northern Colorado. Working together, we can take action before it’s too late.

For more information on the Fix North I-25 Alliance, contact Sarah MacQuiddy, President, at 970-352-3566.

Local Government Business Affairs Committee

The mission of the Local Government Business Affairs Committee is to favorably influence the actions of local government entities related to the enhancement of a positive business environment.

At its monthly meetings, the committee studies proposed government activities in relation to their impact on the business climate. The committee may schedule presentations from elected officials or government employees, but these individuals do not participate in decisions to take a position, or in the drafting of such documents. Throughout 2016, the committee has reviewed a current ballot issue to allow full-strength alcohol in grocery stores, lack of regulations for food trucks, and local school funding.


The Committee has established the following priorities for the focus of its work. However, should an action outside the scope of these priorities be proposed which impacts the ability of business to flourish, the committee reserves the right to take action on behalf of the Chamber.

Priority Policy Statements

Current Members of Local Government Business Affairs
  • Barbara Koelzer, IRES – Chair
  • Bill Baker
  • Lou Cartier, Cartier Outreach Associates – Vice Chair
  • Ken Ball, Martin Marietta Materials
  • Gene Haffner, North Colorado Medical Center
  • Jim Hartshorn, American Legion Post 18
  • Betty Hinze, National Greeley Art Exhibition
  • Don Hoff, Attorney
  • Mark Hout, UNI Designs
  • Meribeth Lunn, Employer Solutions Group
  • Tony Miller, First FarmBank
  • Jim Neufeld, Re/Max Alliance
  • Brett Payton, Coan Payton & Payne
  • Janine Reid, High Plains Library District
  • Scot Rendall, B2BCFO
  • Scott Riley, Biltrite Sign Services, Inc.
  • Verniece Thomas, United Way of Weld County

For more information on Local Government Business Affairs Committee, contact or call 970-352-3566.

Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA) is the united public policy advocacy effort of the Greeley, Fort Collins and Loveland Chambers of Commerce, Northern Colorado Economic Alliance and Upstate Colorado Economic Development. Its purpose is to influence state and federal policy, legislation and regulation to create and maintain a positive economic and business climate for Northern Colorado. Each year, NCLA establishes Legislative Priorities for the Colorado State Legislature. Throughout the session every bill introduced is studied for impact (positive or negative) on business. The organization’s lobbyist works with elected officials on bills deemed most important.

Under the Dome, the organization’s legislative newsletter, provides updates during the legislative session.

Six investors of the Greeley Chamber of Commerce are appointed to the NCLA Board of Directors, along with the Greeley Chamber President. Representing the Greeley Chamber of Commerce:

  • Sandy Bright, ABC Child Development Centers
  • Bill Jerke, Bill Jerke Consulting
  • Laurel LaBonde, State Farm Insurance Companies
  • Tom Norton, TEN LLC
  • Carol Salter, Banner Health – Northern Colorado
  • Tambor Williams, Eckersley Health & Wellness
  • Sarah MacQuiddy, Greeley Chamber President
ncla logo

Energy Proud

Energy Proud is a grassroots group of diverse community members from Weld County who support local energy development that is safe, affordable, reliable, and clean. The purpose of Energy Proud allows for increased communication from all energy producers, information sharing, and community activism. Energy Proud joins hand-in-hand with community members, businesses, and all industries who understand that Weld County is the epicenter for a new generation of energy development as well as the abundant benefits it brings the local community and the State of Colorado.

Created by a group of Weld County community, business, and civic leaders, Energy Proud understands the importance of a local, safe, and affordable energy diverse community. The Council hosts regular informational events on topics of interest including environmental concerns, economic impacts, government regulations, and education. Presentations during 2017 have featured:

  • 3rd Annual Energy Showdown basketball game between the University of Northern Colorado and the University of North  Dakota (DJ Basin vs. Bakken Basin)
  • Colorado's Underground Injection Program & Induced Seismicity 
  • Discovery of the Codell Sandstone Formation

To get involved in Energy Proud, or for more information, contact Sarah MacQuiddy, President, Greeley Chamber of Commerce.



Energy Proud supports energy education and understanding the importance of local, safe, affordable, and clean energy development in Weld County and to our state.

  1. Affordable energy is important to maintaining and supporting our way of life, from garden hoses to computers, from utensils to sneakers, car seats to golf balls.
  2. Colorado enjoys abundant natural resources. A comprehensive, consistent approach to energy development and regulation will help to protect our environment balanced with future energy needs.
  3. Colorado is the nation’s leader in the most robust, comprehensive regulations governing all energy development.
  4. Oppose patchwork or unnecessary regulations that create economic impediments to energy independence.
  5. Energy development has far reaching economic benefits.
  6. Energy development has enriched Weld County, helping Weld County to be one of the only counties to be debt free. With $9.5 billion in assessed value, Weld County ranks one in the state in total value, while only being the 9th largest in population.
  7. For every 1,000 drops of water used in Colorado, only one drop is used for energy development.
Energy Proud Partners
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