Even in off years, elections offer the business community the opportunity to elect candidates who will support continued growth and development.  But, how do you know which candidates are business-friendly before you vote?  On October 11, you have the chance to meet and chat individually with candidates for local office.  The Chamber has invited candidates for both Greeley Evans School District 6 Board of Education and Greeley City Council to an Open House event on Wednesday, October 11 at 5 p.m.  Join us at the Aims Cornerstone Center, 5401 W 20th St to ask questions and share opinions with those on the ballot.  Following the open house at 6:15, a Mayoral Debate between Greeley Mayoral Candidates John Gates and Patrick Wardell takes place in the same location.  Bryce Jacobson, Publisher of the Greeley Tribune, will moderate the debate.

Information about ballot issues will also be presented from 5-6 p.m. with the opportunity to ask questions about their impact on the community.

  • Opt-Out SB-152 (Greeley Broadband Initiative)

This ballot measure asks voters to allow the City to “Opt-Out” of Senate Bill 152 currently in place and return local authority to investigate options for providing broadband services directly or indirectly via public or private partnerships.

  • Keep Greeley Moving

As part of the “Keep Greeley Moving” road tax approved by voters in 2015, the City made a best estimate of tax revenue to be generated. The economy has been strong and has generated more tax revenue than estimated This 2017 measure is a request to allow the City to put those additional funds to work on repairing an additional 9 miles of road.